These guidelines are for the purpose of informing stockholders and their contractors of measures intended to minimize interference with traffic on lake roads by contractor vehicles, facilitate gate ingress and egress, and generally promote safety for residents and their guests. Stockholders are encouraged to furnish copies to their contractors whenever appropriate.

  1. The Lake Patrolman, phone 831-5075, should be informed in advance whenever concrete delivery trucks or trucks with long trailers are scheduled to enter the lake. This will allow the patrolman to arrange for easier entry and exit, including escorting the vehicles out the entrance gate when necessary, BE ADVISED: THERE IS NO TURNAROUND LOCATION FOR EXTRA-LONG VEHICLES AT LAKE HIWASSEE!!!
  2. To avoid unnecessarily blocking lake roads, contractor vehicles should be parked with all wheels off the paved road.
  3. Stockholders should check with the Lake Patrolman before permitting a contractor to deposit anything in either the burn pile, lake dumpster or any lake property.
  4. Contractors should be instructed to obey the lake road speed limit of 20 MPH at all times. They should especially be on the lookout for golf carts, which may at times be operated by children without adult supervision and without regard for the normal rules of the road.

* Ed Fowler 15 ESD*